Queen of Sheba Eilat Hotel

In the heart of Eilat, where the radiant Red Sea and the desert Eilat Mountains meet, stands the Queen of Sheba Eilat Hotel.

The hotel today reflects the vision of its developer and owner, Itzhak Tshuva. His familiarity with the legend of the Queen of Sheba and her journey to meet King Solomon inspired him to plan and complete this impressive hotel.
The extensive thought and creativity infused into this project resulted in building textures and interior decorations that make the hotel feel like an authentic historical location.

The hotel’s entrance is shaped as a temple dome with natural light pouring in from the windows above. The circular shape gives arriving guests an immediate sense of tranquility. The floor is decorated with mosaics of animals symbolizing the wisdom of the King Solomon, who, according to legend, could speak their language. Archeological artifacts portraying ancient Egyptian events adorn the dome. All these elements harmonize to enhance the impact and importance of the entrance.
The atrium leads the path to the lobby and to the rounded elevator shafts and their transparent elevators, all of which contribute to the sense of being in a unique historical environment.

The hotel’s spacious swimming pool is centered in the royal grounds with animal statues and fountains surrounding the area and symbolizing the charms of the Queen of Sheba. The cat figures symbolize royal femininity which, according to legend, combines wisdom, beauty and sensuality. This dazzingly beautiful and impressive hotel, like the palace of the Queen of Sheba, offers its guests all the comforts that one can dream of.
This hotel was built in the spirit of the palace of the Queen of Sheba, and its architecture and internal design are suffused with ancient motifs, such as a waterfall, mosaics, domes and hand-painted designs. At the age of 17,
the Queen of Sheba was transformed from a young girl, becoming a woman and queen admired and worshipped throughout her reign. Her realm was the noblest of the ancient Mediterranean, already setting its unique standards of elegance, beauty, wealth and luxury over 3000 years ago. The hotel has been designed to emulate and live up to these standards set centuries ago.
The hotel, situated in a central location along the shores of the Red Sea, has 481 rooms overlooking three different vistas: the Red Sea, the Edom Mountains and the Eilat Lagoon.
Originally opened in November 1999, the hotel has recently been extensively renovated and renewed. The building is symmetrical, rising diagonally to a height of 14 stories.

The dramatic transition to this majestic atmosphere begins at the entrance which, with its towering height of six meters, creates the effect of a pilgrimage to the heavens.

5 stars superior

The Queen of Sheba Eilat hotel meets the required standards for the 5 star plus level, applied for and has achieved the required number of points.
In light of this, the hotel is rated 5 stars superior

תעודה ממשרד התיירות- מלון מלכת שבא 5 כוכבים